Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ONE Good Guy

Actor George Clooney with refugees in Darfur.  (Photo: The Huffington Post)

Darfur in crisis.
Who will come to the rescue?
George Clooney, for ONE.


  1. I used to sell the white ONE.org bracelets on eBay to raise funds for Darfur. I did this for some time, until ONE raised the minimum quantity that must be purchased out of my price range. (I'd buy them in packages of 10 at a time in sizes small and large, and they increased it to 100.) Now, I just donate what I can, when I can. And ONE sells some nice tees with earnings going to their cause. You can find out more at www.ONE.org.

    George is truly an extremely thoughtful, caring guy. It's thanks to the generosity of one of his former productions, one in which I had a small recurring part, that I'm now SAG.