Friday, February 26, 2010

8433 Sunset

From 1940 through the late 1950s, Ciro's nightclub was "the" Hollywood hot spot frequented by Tinseltown's elite. But it was also a hangout for the local mob. Crime boss Mickey Cohen ran more than a few illicit businesses out of Ciro's back room and basement, with several other types of "acts" and "hits" being performed regularly. Even Cohen himself received a bullet wound while on the premises.

The whitewash of mirth
now roars through yesterday's halls,
but rooms hold secrets.

Today, the building houses The Comedy Store, a world famous comedy club owned by Mitzi Shore and her son, comedian Pauly Shore. On numerous occasions, staff, talent and guests have reported inexplicable and, at times, frightful goings on. It seems that laughter raises all sorts of spirits.


  1. Wonder if the dead mafia spirits are laughing now??

  2. Thanks for the bit of history on L.A. and the Comedy Store.