Monday, February 8, 2010

Sign Of Disillusion

On September 16, 1932, Broadway Actress Peg Entwistle (also known by the stage name Mary Cecilia Brown) leaped to her death from The Hollywood Sign's letter H, after her first (and only) film with RKO Pictures, "Thirteen Women," received bad reviews in test screenings.

Somehow, Mary Brown
failed to see the wisdom in,
"Look before you leap."

The Hollywood Sign as it appeared in 1923. The last four letters were removed in 1949.

BROWN/ENTWISTLE'S DEATH CERTIFICATE: Sadly, she never got to read the letter offering her a starring role in a Beverly Hills Playhouse production that arrived only days following her suicide.

A rare clip of Peg Entwistle performing as Hazel Cousins in "Thirteen Women" (1932).


  1. Such a shame, she was very pretty!!!

  2. High,
    Peg Entwistle's stage name IS Peg Entwistle! Mary C. Brown is a title of a song by Dory Previn from the 1980s.

    It is based a bit on Peg, but it is and never was her stage name.